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Do anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia,
OCD, Pure O, PTSD, derealization or depersonalization make your life hell?

Being anxiety disorder free is your right. No one should have to live with these destructive disorders. At NPADNEWS, we believe in providing anxiety and panic disorder sufferers with the most up to date, scientific, proven and simple advice possible.

You won't find complicated jargon here, you'll find simple to digest and beneficial facts. How you use that information is down to you. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, you have probably been to doctors, therapists, psychologists or had medication prescribed but has it removed your conditions? Probably not.

Often well meaning, hard working people don't have the time to gather the correct knowedge to pass on to you so many sufferers get left behind, abandoned and passed around from pillar to post. We aim to take that frustration away from you.

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anxiety and panic attacks advice cure

NPADNEWS.COM began its life as a partially funded government newsletter for sufferers of panic attacks and anxiety disorders, but funding became more difficult and the project, in its previous guise, was abandoned.

We have now acquired the site and have created a free resource for sufferers of panic and anxiety disorders, OCD, Agoraphobia and PTSD.

Please take advantage of the wealth of information continuously being provided. Feel free to contact us using the contact link at the top of this page if you have any comments or suggestions, we welcome your input.

This website contains much of the most recent information about anxiety and panic attacks and any news available on the conditions and is updated regularly as more research, discussion and guidance material is published.

Our product reviews and recommendations have all been compiled by individuals who have painstakingly picked apart anxiety and panic disorder elimination products and programs in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

We also believe that it is important for those around you to fully understand anxiety/panic disorders so that they know what is happening to you and how they can help you to recover.

Many people believe that sufferers can be 'forced' out of their behaviour patterns and will take inappropriate actions with the best of intentions. With proper knowledge they will be able to offer encouragement, help and support that will aid your recovery.

  The Key To Curing

Anxiety Disorders?

We think it might be!

There aren't many anxiety treatments that impress us but this one certainly did. It is absolutely unique and unlike any other program I have seen or heard about.

This new approach to the treatment of anxiety disorders 'hits the nail on the head' in terms of its content, its science and support and its effectiveness and all for less than the cost of a Spanish home study course!

I have been contacted by 96 program users to date, they all say that they can't believe the difference it has made to their lives within days and asked me to post it here for you, so I have! 

They insist that the Method has stopped their anxiety in its tracks and that the support that is gven to them is incredible; they offer free counselling via email and you can even call them if things get really tough. All free of charge.

What is really interesting is that government health services and other government agencies uses The Linden Method. I have never seen this before with any therapy other than CBT so this impressive.

This level of aftercare is unusual in any business but a counsellor that doesn't charge, that's got to be a first!!

The organization told me that they are currently treating in excess of 8000 people around the world but cope with the work by doing evening and early morning shifts in addition.

It seems that this Method works because of the logical way in which the author deconstructs the condition and reverse engineers the solution.

I highly recommend you try this- it is priced at about the same cost of one therapy session so it's cost effective too. Clinical trials confirm these claims with a near 100% success rate.

The author also says that if you don't like it for any reason within a year, he will give a full refund - I haven't tested this guarantee but he must have faith in the product - please let me know how it goes.

Read my full review HERE

Review: Jan Brennan. NPADNEWS

Review of Panic Away by Joe Barry McDonaugh

I have reviewed Panic Away by Joe Barry - Please review my remarks here

Are you experiencing Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Inappropriate Thoughts, Phobias or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Your anxiety and panic attacks, phobias and obsessions are not the product of illness, but of a brilliant mind that has become 'sidetracked' by fear. Our intention is to make sure that you, the anxiety disorder sufferer, finds solutions, not support, management or coping strategies, but a true anxiety and panic attacks cure that leads you to a far better life.

Billions of people around the world spend their days feeling lost, deserted and frustrated as their endless search for a solution to their anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and depression grips them. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will develop an anxiety related condition and the conditions can surface at any age. Children of 3 years are being treated with medication and psychotherapy. No one of any age, let alone children, should have to tolerate the ehartache of an anxiety condition.

The Anxiety and Panic Pandemic

The knock on affect of anxiety disorders and panic attacks, on families, jobs, communities, health resources and entire economies costs $trillions and the damage done to relationships and fulfilment is devestating.

There are hundreds of online nd offline resources for sufferers; CBT, hypnosis, EFT, counselling, medication, relaxation and many more, but testing and trials show that they have such limited cure rates.

Online courses such as Panic Away, Panic Puzzle, Lucinda Bassetts program and The Linden Method are very visible on line and thousands buy them and we have tested them all, but it's confusing for sufferers to know what to trust, what is organized by real professionals and what is snake oil. We will help you with the quest for solutions; those things that have the potential to work.

CBT, hypnosis, EFT, counselling, medication; they are all recommended and endorsed but there's so much counter evidence from the world's leading bodies for Psychiatry and Psychology and millions of people saying that they don't work.


One of the first questions people ask themselves is, 'Why me?'

There are many theories about what causes anxious thoughts, panic attacks and related disorders to develop. It is something that can happen to anyone at any time in their life. Are the causes of these anxious thoughts and panic attacks biological, psychological or psychodynamic, that is to say caused by past experiences or traumas? These questions are asked by every sufferer, but it must be understood that the catalyst is irrelevant, whether that be bereavement, trauma or other life circumstances. The cause of anxiety and panic attacks is the way the anxiety control centers within you respond, and that can be changed very quickly indeed in order to effect a cure.

Agoraphobia - It's Relationship to Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks induced avoidance behavior can produce agoraphobia, a phobic condition which causes the sufferer to restrict social interaction and retreat to 'safety'. Repeated avoidance causes the phobia to intensify until total social withdrawal occurs in order to prevent high panic attacks and anxiety.

Current Treatments

Social Anxiety CureThe more conventional treatments include cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, and a wide variety of medications. Whilst both have their place in mental illness, many people experience side effects, complications with other drugs, withdrawal symptoms and rebound anxiety when trying to stop their medication which can cause more problems. In the case of "speaking" therapies, which can continue for very long periods of time, success is limited and this form of therapy can be counter-productive.

Research over many years has shown that Anxiety disorders and panic attacks require a very specific, targeted program of recovery in order to produce a full and permanent elimination from the condition. There are alternatives which don't use drug therapy, many of which you will find examined on this site, as well as discussion of other methods outlined above.

anxiety and panic attacks cure

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