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NPADNEWS.COM started as a partially funded government newsletter for sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks, but funding became difficult and the site, in its previous guise, was abandoned. We acquired the domain and created a free resource for anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia and PTSD sufferers. Take advantage of the wealth of information we have provided and contact us using the contact link at the top of this page if you hav any comments or suggestions.

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Do you feel like you have, or could be developing, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD or PTSD?

This website contains much of the most recent anxiety and panic attacks related information and research available and is updated regularly as more research becomes available.

Are you experiencing panic attacks, increased anxiety, phobias or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

It is important as a sufferer, to understand as much as you can about your anxiety and panic attacks. Why? Many doctors and therapists may not be as familiar as they could be with anxiety disorders and panic attacks. You need to make a special effort, starting today, to be sure that you know about and can ask for the best, most successful and up to date anxiety and panic attacks treatments available.

This site is dedicated to those people who wish to educate themselves about their anxiety and panic attacks, phobias and obsessions and find fast and permanent solutions to their anxiety condition.

One of the first questions people ask themselves is, why me?

There are many theories about what causes anxiety and panic attacks and other anxiety disorders to develop.

Are the causes of anxiety and panic attacks biological, psychological or psychodynamic?(caused by past experiences or traumas). These questions are asked by every sufferer but it must be understood that the CATALYST for high anxiety is irrelevant, whether that be bereavement, trauma or other life circumstances. The CAUSE of high anxiety and panic attacks is the way the anxiety control center responds; and that CAN be changed very quickly indeed in order to create a cure.

Agoraphobia - It's Relationship to Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks induced avoidance behavior can produce agoraphobia, a phobic condition which causes the sufferer to restrict social interaction and retreat to 'safety'. Repeated avoidance causes the phobia to intensify until total social withdrawal occurs in order to prevent high anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks Treatments

The conventional treatments for anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, include cognitive behavior therapy and medication. Whilst both have their place in mental illness, many people experience side effects, interactions with other drugs, withdrawal symptoms and rebound anxiety when trying to stop their medication which can cause more problems. In the case of "speaking" therapies, success is limited and the therapy can be counter-productive. Anxiety and panic attacks require a very specific, targeted program of recovery in orer to produce a full and permanent elimination of the anxiety condition.

There are alternatives though which don't use drug therapy.