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Website of the Month
The Linden Method

Dec 22nd

Could This Be The Key To Curing Anxiety?
We think it might be!


There aren't many anxiety treatments that impress me but The Linden Method pack certainly did. It is absolutely unique and unlike any other program I have seen or heard about. This new approach to the treatment of anxiety disorders hits the nail on the head in terms of its content, its empathetic approach and its effectiveness and all for less than the cost of a Spanish home study course!

I have been contacted by 26 method users to date, they all say that they can't believe the difference it has made to their lives within days and asked me to post it here for you, so I have! They insist that the method has stopped their anxiety in its tracks and that the support that Linden gives them is incredible; he offers free counselling via email and you can even call him if things get really tough.

This level of aftercare is unusual in any business but a counsellor that doesn't charge, that's got to be a first!! Linden told me that he is currently treatingin excess of 1800 people around the world but copes with the work by doing evening and early morning shifts in addition to his normal day! (his wife must be pleased!!)

It seems that this method works because of the logical way in which Charles Linden destructs the condition and reverse engineers the solution. I highly recommend you try this- it is priced at about the same cost of one therapy session so it's cost effective too- Charles also says that if you don't like it for any reason within a year, he will give a full refund- I haven't tested this guarantee but he must have faith in the product- please let me know how it goes. Remarkable!

Link to the Linden Method Site



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An excellent resource with information and products.


Rescue remedy is a fantastic, natural first aid for anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Buy it on-line here.

This site began in 1996 with an idea and a dream.  The dream was that no one would have to face the fear and loneliness that the "panic monster" can cause.  The dream became a reality and we now offer to you the most comprehensive information available on the Internet. 

We at NPAD highly recommend this wonderful resource!