A Little Peace of Mind by Nicole Bird

A 7 Day Program for the Treatment of Anxiety... or is it?


Will the "A Little Peace of Mind" program produce recovery?


To my mind, it is, at best, little more than re-hashed CBT.

There's science and there's pseudo-science - there are treatments and there are solutions.

The 'A little Peace of Mind" program by Nicola Bird makes big claims, uses clever, soft-marketing tactics to hook people in and treats you to an extremely unprofessional attack on other programs and processes as part of Nicola Bird's 'pitch'; this comes across as petty, jealous and scathing.

I have reviewed many programs and treatment over decades, but I rarely find someone who uses underhand tactics like this to sell their product. From the get-go, this felt uncomfortable, childish and unprofessional and what followed was not much better.

Nicola Bird seems credible, but having done some relatively superficial research, I believe it's all bluster.

The program itself is extremely unimpressive, unscientific and badly structured.

I asked my assistant to donwload the 'A Little Peace of Mind" program and we immediately got the impression that this is someone more focused on profit than efficacy.

The Organization

Nicola Bird seems to be attempting to emulate what Linden Tree Education have done with their programs, retreats and workshops, but Linden do it with accredited programs, qualified mental health practitioners and two decades of curative success. Nicola Bird's Peace of Mind program seems to have only been used by 600 people, against Linden Tree's 260,000 people since 1996.

What's new about what Nicola Bird's program does?

In a word, nothing. In fact, I struggled to find anything of any real substance; it was all a little verbose and empty in terms of useful tips or anything that could or would remove the anxiety conditions for which she says she created it.

There are a handful of non-committal testimonials dotted around, but, again, nothing concrete to demonstrate real benefits.

It's all rather sad and confusing really.


Would I spend money on "A Little Peace of Mind?"

No, I would be looking for professionally delivered, time and people tested, scientific solutions that demonstrate real curative efficacy.

Would it benefit anyone suffering from anxiety?

I believe not.

Is it reassuring? In places there are snippets of reassurance but as we in the industry know, reassurance is very counter-productive in the successful treatment of anxiety.

There are far simpler, more scientific and evidence based programs - I review some on this website.

My oath was to steer people to evidence based, effective and proven Methods and I am sure that Nicola Bird is a very nice and well-meaning lady, but her programs are not at all what I would expect for, or recommend to, my own patients.

I give this program 1 star.

Why? Because I really didn't like the unprofessional marketing tactics - they made me feel very uncomfortable and the content was just "blah".

A Little Peace of Mind review by Dr. Janette J Brennan. NPADnews.com August 2012

Star Rating 3/20

Simplicity  1 Stars
Content  1 Stars
Support  0 Stars
Value for money  1 Stars