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Cannabis, Marijuana, anxiety and panic attacks

"I smoked weed once and now I have anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, derealization and depersonalization... what can I do? I think I've done harm to my brain"


Cannabis use has grown exponentially over recent years and more and more people have developed anxiety disorder as a result of ingesting it.

Marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, skunk... whatever you call it and as natural and as it is, it's a powerful drug and for those people who are predisposed to developing an anxiety disorder, every joint smoked is a game of Russian Roulette.

The anxiety may not form the first time someone smokes cannabis, or even the second, it may be weeks, months or years into their smoking habit, however, when the drug and the person's physiology align, the immediate effect can be devastating.

Marijuana can activate anxiety disorders - Fact.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Once activated by the cannabis, anxiety can overwhelm a person who has never previously suffered.

Many people end up in the ER or ambulances believing they are dying, some end up in doctor's surgeries believing they have done permanent damage to their brains.

Many people make the assumption that because cannabis grows as a plant, it is safe like a herb you would add to food. It's not. It's causes chemical interactions which can activate fight or flight and other bodily responses.

The chemicals in the hemp plant are powerful, mind altering substances and as drug dealers fight a battle to provide increasingly stronger substances to their customers, genetically modified plants produce natural poisons that are 100 times more powerful than the natural plants.

Depersonalization and Derealization are mind states that developed in humans to assist during flight or fight but many cannabis smokers can develop them both very quickly after starting to smoke.

Derealization, depersonalization, OCD, panic disorder, Pure O, agoraphobia, health anxiety, fear of dying and paranoia... all of these high anxiety symptoms and conditions can develop quickly when the anxiety response is activated.

However, the chemical changes in the brain that were caused by the cannabis are not permanent and the anxiety disorder is curable using a sensible and structured recovery therapy.

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