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Review – “Anti-Anxiety and Panic Disorder Program, now on iPhone & iPad”

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The Linden Method App Screenshot
The Linden Method App Screenshot

For sufferers of Anxiety Disorders (such as OCD, General Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, PTSD, etc), it may feel hopeless to find a solution on your own. Most people seek out medical help for relief, and while Anxiety can be a telltale sign of a host of mental conditions, you there may be a solution to battling this on your own.

Even this App, and the entire system (which up until this month was availble by download or CD/Book purchase) notes, right from the start, that this is not a replacement for seeking out a medical or mental health professional. However, if you're looking to try and alleviate your anxiety and are determined, focused and motivated to try on your own, The Linden Method could be an excellent guide for you, and possible cure.

The method itself was created a dozen years ago by Charles Linden, an anxiety sufferer himself, and the entire introduction to this App is his story. It's absolutely worth the read, because it will help you relate to the material knowing that it was created by someone with similar issues. While he's not a mental health professional, he has spent years working with and for anxiety sufferers coming up with and creating (by popular opinion) the best non-medical treatment for Anxiety Disorders.

The Linden Method App Screenshot

The App offers the entire Linden method which includes several videos, first explaining the origin of where Anxiety comes from, our body's reaction, physical symptoms, and information on how the Linden Method helps one overcome these. Which is actually based on a Behavioral Science learning process called Operant Conditioning.

The Linden Method App Screenshot

You start with an introduction and instructions. How to use this program. There are Nine Pillars – and they're basically the mandatory requirements for following the program. Each Pillar has it's own video to explain exactly what to do. These are the rules, basically, follow them (with the selected material within the program) and this is how it all comes together to help you.

The Linden Method App Screenshot

There are specific videos for certain disorders, and entire 6 Day program for sufferers of Agoraphobia. There are visualization exercises as well as several audio guides and “Apps” within the App which help with on-the spot treatment for various issues: The Panic Eliminator, The Anxiety Stopwatch, BreatheRight Exercise & the Panic Attack Talkdown. All of which can be used as a mobile arsenal for the Panic sufferer, giving them comfort that help is with them at all times. These individual Apps should be available shortly themselves in the iTunes Store as well – should you want to try one out before the entire program.

While you don't have access to the Linden Centre Staff, you do have the option to purchase their services, so that you have a personal contact, an expert in anxiety, available to you. More information can be found on the Linden Method website.

It's obvious that many, many years of research and dedication went into not only creating the Method itself, but putting it all together in this App.

I can't speak to the effectiveness of the program as I've only had it for a couple days, for that you can find lots of testimonials online, but I can say that I will definitely be continuing to use this and recommending it to others as a possible solution to various Anxiety Disorders. Although it may be expensive, think that if it's effective, it's absolutely worth the price – and is available on all iOS Devices, iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad. See the links below.

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The world's most successful, supported and endorsed anxiety disorder elimination program. Over 135,000 anxiety sufferers have used The Linden Method Program to date and now it's available to every sufferer through the iTunes app store.

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