Panic Away program by Barry McDonaugh


I reviewed the P:anic Away
program with a view to understanding its core elements

Here's what I discovered.

What is Panic Away?

Panic Away is a program developed by ex sufferer Joe Barry McDonaugh. Joe lives in Ireland but has virtual offices in the USA. The website is a Clickbank affiliate website meaning that other people can join an affiliate program and make a profit from each program they sell for him. At the point of writing my review and according to the website, Barry pays affiliates 75% of the sale price to market and sell the product.

What does the program contain?

Panic Away is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and uses a technique also used in the books by Dr Claire Weekes in the 1970's - the principles taught are a way of saying 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.

What struck me immediately was how reminiscent the core process was to the Panic Eliminator provided free by The Linden Method as a 'self-help tool'.

The program seems to be a drawn out version of principles taught during CBT sessions injected with some of Barry's home spun ideas.

What conditions can be treated using Panic Away?

To my mind, Panic Away is a useful tool that might assist a sufferer to understand and minimize panic attacks but in my view, the program offers very little in terms of curative structure or useful devices.

The program addreses anxiety disorder but with a lack of structure and support, the program falls short of providing anything near what, for example, The Linden Method offers, in terms of structured guidance, qualified support and measurable outcomes.

Does it work?

If you need to address panic, the program may be of help but it is an expensive option when you consider the content of other resources. When you consider that the developer gives away a large percentage of the price you pay, it demonstrates the product's real value. Would I recommend it? No, not at the price. I think it has its value but not $67, if it were $6 I would say give it a go. I think CBT has its place and I believe that many benefit from CBT but I reserve judgment with regard to its curative success in the treatment of anxiety disorders. We have seen little to support the claims made about CBT and certainly, our site visitors report that it was of little or no help to them.


There are many programs on the internet that claim great things. Brilliantly marketed, many of these have little substance. I think Joe Barry's intentions are good, he seems like a nice man but his marketing is very salesy and his product is an affiliate product which pays large percentages. I think Panic Away is 'OK', it's not a solution but it has some uses. Would I buy it? No, it's not for me but there are many products I wouldn't buy for myself that millions do buy hoping for a miracle cure.

There are 'programs' and their are 'medical resources' - Panic Away is a program but don't confuse it with qualified advice and guidance administered by professional mental health workers.

Panic Away review by Janette J Brennan. August 2012

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