The Linden Method by Charles Linden

Is it all too good to be true?


My Review of The Linden Method

and the people behind it!


I visited The Linden Center to find out the truth behind the Linden Method and the author.

Here's my review of what I discovered.

I visited The Linden Center and interviewed staff and the man himself, Charles Linden, to discover the truth behind the claims about The Linden Method and the 100% success rate it boasts of.

So many people sing the praises of Charles Linden and his Method and, it has to be said, we receive thousands of emails from ex Linden Method users asking us to review The Linden Method, so we finally agreed.

The Organization

What I hadn't appreciated was that Linden Tree Education is an accredited educational facility, accredited by the NCFE. The NCFE is the oldest awarding bodies in the world. The Linden Method is also partners with the government's Trading Standards agency which means that they have checked the organisation's practices and business policies and accredit their work which is exceptional in itself.

I think it is too easy to presume that, like some other, less established, 'online programs', Charles Linden's Linden Method program is an e-book, but nothing could further from the truth.


The Linden Method is actually a fully accredited and extremely professional organization with very highly traimed professionals delivering the Linden Method and their workshops and residential recovery retreats.

All staff are accredited psychologists and psychotherapists. The Linden Method and Linden Centre is an accredited educational centre and they belong to the Register of Educational Providers.

The Linden Method Team

I spoke with the Linden Method Center's staff members, all of them are accredited psychologists and psychotherapists working in recovery practice.

That's pretty unique, in fact, I researched the practice and what these practitioners do is something found nowhere else in healthcare. The Linden Method has surprised me.

Jackie, the Head of Learning at The Linden Centre, told me that since working with The Linden Method, she has finally been able to use a true recovery therapy. Previously she had worked as a counsellor but understands now why talking therapies fail to produce the results patients need; the Linden Method changed her own life too and she is passionate about the work The Linden Centers do.

Behind the Linden Method programs is an accredited organization employing highly qualified mental health professionals who work using an accredited recovery therapy in online, workshop, corporate and residential programs. It's actually something quite unique in content and more importantly, in outcome success.

Their Linden Method residential program is something very special indeed and the reputation is really very surprising. Take a look here


In mental health we speak of evidence and usually this evidence is based on 'drop-out' rates which means that it isn't measured in terms of real recovery or relief.

The Linden Method trials carried out under government guidance, provided incredible outcome results - The Linden Method produces results I have never previously seen elsewhere in mental health. The NHS, specified the trials of The Linden Method and the outcome was astounding.

The average outcome was total recovery and I can see why. As a medic, I can state categorically that it makes so much sense.

Patients need to know that is they do X, they recover but there is little to no evidence of this level of efficacy in mental health - The Linden Method has it in excess.

Client reviews and testimonials, medical reviews, trial data and practice history spanning over two decades since 1996. Impressive indeed.

Linden Tree provide programs of learning (The Linden Method), in this case, learning to recover and the outcomes are measured by one factor - How do you feel after doing the program?

The outcome figures demonstrate total recovery and this is not evidenced anywhere else in mental healthcare. What The Linden Method achieves is something really very special.

The Linden Method organization was founded in 1997 and is an NCFE registered education provider employing qualified mental health professionals (BPS and BACP)

The Team

As I said previously, I hadn't also appreciated that the teams were all psychotherapists and psychologists and that the Linden Method is the only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder therapy.

REALLY... this isn't CBT, hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, DBT or the other usual treatment 'mumbo jumbo'... the Linden Method is actually scientific, common sense and the evidence for it is is incredible. It also conforms to neurology and psychology. It's the stuff taught at medical school used in practice.

This is the resultant review of my findings.

What is The Linden Method?

The Linden Method is a professional and accredited, drug free program of recovery - The program is, after all our research to confirm this, the world's only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery program.

The Linden Method has been used by in excess of 300,000 clients around the world.

The Linden Method comprises a truly ground-breaking online portal which you can access froma phone, tablet or computer but you can also recieve a manual, CDs, a DVD. The 'members area' in the portal is full of video resources and unlimited support from qualified psychologists and psychotherapists.

This was the first thing I was interested in - How does The Linden Method provide 50 dollar an hour support for free?

It seems too good to be true that this level of service is available for so little money. But it is true.

The team are all qualified mental health professionals and belong to their individual governing bodies.

Lead of the team Kathy, a qualified psychotherapist, told me how it was possible to support so many people for so little money.

"Our clients recover quickly because what we do works. We don't have to see them repeatedly. We talk to them once or twice maybe but after that, they just do the Method and they are cured".

The evidence I was shown does, indeed, back up Kathy's statement and whilst I was at the Center, I looked on as the team took the calls, answered emails and coached their clients.

What makes The Linden Method different

The impression is that The Linden Method is like other online programs, but the truth is, it's not. It is so, so much more and not even similar.

The Linden Method is entirely different and this was a great surprise to me.

It's a real medical organization with real credentials and The Linden Method receives referrals from psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors from around the world.

The Linden Method is the only psycho-educational program of recovery and I was also extremely surprised to learn that they were also the first ever online, email and phone counselling service in the world. That's quite something.

Amazing Credentials, Reviews & Support

What I discovered was an office full of qualified people with huge quantities of testimonials, pictures all over their walls of them in newspapers, magazines and on TV, photos of them with celebrities like Ricky Lake, Danny DeVito, Sam Neil, Linda Robson, Jodie Kidd and more including UK aristocracy and many actors and I discovered that Charles Linden is a TV presenter, radio regular, columnist and author. Charles has his own TV shows, is published by Hay House in San Diego and frequents Hollywood homes, film and TV sets and is widely regarded as teh World's Leading Anxiety Expert. This was all interesting and unexpected, but then we discussed the medical side to the Method and I was even more surprised by the evidence I was presented with.

The UK's NHS recommend The Linden Method program and it is also used by international, government back to work agencies and paid for by central government funds.

When I was at the center I spoke to the head of support, Jenny Saunders a registered psychologist who also runs The Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops and is in charge of the entire psychological team at The Linden Center. Jenny has worked for Rolls Royce and many other major organizations and she told me;

"Before I joined the Linden Method team 15 years ago I worked in an environment where anxiety sufferers were managed but now I work with The Linden Method, I see real recovery every day. The Method's science makes complete sense. I run the international Retreats program and we have people come from New Zealand, across the USA, Kuala Lumpar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Africa, in fact, every corner of the world and we see them arrive anxious and leave happy and anxiety free, or at least well on the way. I love what I do because it works and it works better than anything else out there."

Who developed The Linden Method?

Charles Linden suffered with anxiety disorders throughout childhood and into early adulthood which developed into full blown panic disorder with agoraphobia and OCD in early adulthood. Charles developed The Linden Method over a decade ago to overcome his own disorder. Charles Linden has his own TV series, a number of DVD titles on general release and has a best selling book 'Stress Free in 30 Days' with Hay House Publishing where he is one of their lead authors. Charles is widely regarded as the world's leading anxiety expert and is a contributor to TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines, in some of which he has his own column.

He's also an anxiety guru ot the stars having helped many hundreds of 'A' listers including Hollywood actors, actors from TV, politicians, pro sportspeople, doctors, aristocracy and many hundreds of thousands of people like you and I. The evidence? I was shown it all. Newspaper articles, photographs and emails. These people seem to really love him and his team.

What conditions can be treated using The Linden Method?

Any emotional disorders and anxiety conditions can be treated using The The Linden Method including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, health anxiety, eating sisorders, self-harming, depression, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Pure O and post traumatic stress disorder, emetophobia, self-harming, health anxiety, emetophobia, fear of dying etc.

Clients also report improvements and recovery from stress and depression related conditions, ME and CFS.

How does The Linden Method work?

The Linden Method psychologist, Jenny, told me - "In the early 1900s two men pioneered research into the true nature of emotion and it's relationship to the physical body, symptoms and illness and came up with a number of definitive conclusions. Those men were Carl Lange and William James.

The most important conclusion they came to forms the foundation for our understanding of how emotions are created, and what impact thought can have on our bodies and health. This theory forms the basis of The Linden Method program

Their research concluded that an external catalyst, say a wild bear, is detected by your sensory organs and the body reacts with physical changes WITHOUT any conscious thought or emotions; in other words, the emotion of anxiety we experience during the anxiety response is physical and not emotional.

To demonstrate what I mean by this, next time you feel anxious, strip away all of the physical sensations you experience and you will find that nothing is left… the physical sensations ARE your experience of emotion!"

The Linden Method was discovered by Charles Linden as the result of months of tireless research with ex anxiety sufferers. Linden plotted their stories and then drew conclusions from the similarities. Then, these techniques were developed into a program of recovery. After, testing, adjusting and re-testing, Linden devised and structured the Linden Method program. The Linden Method program works on the principal that anxiety disorders can be eliminated by being reprogrammed very simply using the techniques developed by Charles Linden; these principals form the core of The Linden Method and have a strong scientific basis. The Linden Method is a structured program of recovery which works by addressing the root cause of anxiety in the area of the brain responsible for the anxiety response.

Effectiveness Trials

So I wanted to know the research basis for the claims. I had seen the reviews, spoken to the team, spoken to Charles himself but still needed more evidence. Charles and his in house psychologist showed me data collected over a number of efficacy trials since 1997, all of which pointed at dramatic results. The science makes sense. There is no lack of evidence and even if the evidence was 90% wrong, which I am sure it isn't, it would still be 90% more effective than other treatments available.

UPDATE - Martin Jensen from Copenhagen University has completed efficacy trials using subjects accessing The Linden Method program - The trials concluded that the average improvement of participants was from 18.24 out of 21 before using The Linden Method to 2.84 out of 21 after using The Linden Method. This demonstrates that The Linden Method's 96% cure rate is indeed true.

I can see why The Linden Method works and why so many people recommend itand love what it has done for them. It is clearly the lifeline that sufferers need and the support is second to none.

How long does it take for The Linden Method to work?

Reports of immediate anxiety relief are plentiful.

On investigation I was given access to many hundreds of Linden Method reviews and testimonials from clients who experienced anxiety elimination in a few days to a few weeks and many who had experienced total recovery with no return of the anxiety. I also spoke to the support center team of psychologists and psychotherapists and was impressed by their knowledge and experienced.

One support team member, Cathy, told me that she had personally probably helped over 180,000 clients in the 11 years she had been at the Center and said "as a psychotherapist I had previously addressed anxiety disorders with many of my clients but we never produced really curative results. When I joined The Linden Method team, all that changed and for the first time, I was really curing people. The emails we get from clients are amazing and heartfelt letters of such deep gratitude. I love my job and so do the rest of the team."

Where can you join The Linden Method?

If you are interested in reading more, go to and click on your local flag. There is an interesting information pack available on all the sites if you need more structured information. You can also call any of the international numbers. I have tested all links and the call lines, which all go to the centers.

Conclusions - Unmatched and astounding!

Having seen first hand, the reviews and testimonials from many thousands of clients and having spoken to the Linden support staff in their offices; having spoken to over 30 ex clients and listened to a number of support calls whilst in the center, I can only conclude that The Linden Method, The Linden Center, The Linden Method specialists and the business and service they offer are 100% above board, trustworthy and effective. The Linden center are now working closely with the UK's NHS on pilot schemes and have recently completed trials with NHS clients – something which I have never come across before within my talks with the UKs National Health Service.

I talked to Charles Linden at length about The Linden Method and believe this man to be honest and passionate about his work.

I also spoke to Beth Linden and met their children.

Charles Linden does not have letters after his name but his knowledge is quite awe inspiring and inspirational, many mental healthcare professionals could learn a lot from him.

If you Google Charles, you will see that he is an author for Louise Hay's Hay House Publishing where she calls him 'The World's Leading Anxiety Recovery Expert'. High praise from the world's leading self help guru. Charles Linden is also a TV host, radio guest and coach to the stars here in California, New York and across the pond in London where he has a private clinic in the medical world's epicentre in Harley Street, London.

My belief is that the claims made about The Linden Method on their website are true and having observed work at the center, the money back guarantee is watertight. The business is sound, has been running for over a decade and the staff are all employed.

Lifewise Publishing is an LLC and all Linden Method support staff are police checked, psychologist or counseling qualified and nice folks!

I believe The Linden Method and Linden Centers to be very professional and honest about their services and achievements.

My recommendation; it's the most professional home learning program available and not, at least, trying it is foolhardy. I will be recommending it to my friends.

Having spent hours with Charles and his dear wife Beth, I would also say this; anyone out there who is serious about changing mental health provisions needs this man on their side. Charles Linden's knowledge is endless, he is charming, transparent in everything he does and commited to every client. Charles should be the next Dr Phil of anxiety recovery.

Linden Method review by Dr. Janette J Brennan.

5 Star Rating 20/20

Simplicity 5 Stars
Content 5 Stars
Support 5 Stars
Effectiveness 5 Stars
Value for money 5 Stars

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