Treatment of Anxiety Disorders & Panic Attacks

What makes an effective anxiety disorder and panic attacks treatment?

For an anxiety and panic attacks treatment to be effective, it needs to address three aspects of the sufferer's experience.

  • Physical symptoms
  • Anxious or fearful thoughts
  • Anxious behaviors (e.g. avoidance)

Many anxiety treatments are available through doctors, psychologists and pharmacies focus on treating the symptoms of high anxiety and not the core high anxiety. Many sufferers are sent from one practitioner to the next, desperate for answers and becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of recovery or even relief.

Conventional medication doesn't produce curative results, in fact, so many people are deserted by their medical practitioners as a result of running out of medications to try.

Whilst many medications are used by doctors and psychiatrsists in the treatment of anxiety disorders, the sufferer finds that their conditions do not improve and in many cases worsen.


Anxiety Disorder Treatment

So what are the alternatives? Homeopathy? Psychotherapy? Exercise? A mixture of all of these treatments?

The problem is that despite there being many hundreds of treatments available, so few produce anything approaching positive results. The reasons are clear but unfortunately for many sufferers, who are often desperately seeking a solution, often marketing proves effective and they spend precious time and monet using anxiety and panic attack treatments that can never work.

There are so many online and offline programs and resources that provide CBT, breathing exercises, hypnosis, EFT and relaxation techniques which, in some cases, are enjoyable or even relaxing but their curative affect is minimal and provide no support, continuity or process and lack scientific evidence for their efficacy.

We recently posted a review of 'The Linden Method' and whilst we have a policy of not recommending programs, the level of support and high level materials within the program is second to none we have found. The program was written by Charles Linden, an ex anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, OCD and Pure O sufferer, who appears to have discovered the correct combination of treatments for total and permanent relief from anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias.

When we visited The Linden Center, we met the clinical team and had the opportunity to observe as clients were treated and the results and professionalism were impressive. There is no doubt that Linden has got it right. The thousands of testimonials we observed and the support calls we heard were supportive and sympathetic as well as answering every question the client asked without hesitations or doubts.

The program includes written, CD and video media, all backed up by counselling and psychological support by accredited Specialists. A review of the program by an ex-programme member reads:

"I was completely housebound when I became involved in Charles' program. I couldn't leave my bedroom without fearing that I would panic and vomit. I had previously been dragged to relaxation classes, Psychologists and Doctors who offered me the same advice and medication. I was desperate and alone. I heard of Charles through a friend and got involved in his program. I used and read all of the materials without putting them down. They gave me the inner-strength and reassurance I needed it all became clear, I was not alone and I was not dying or going mad. Within just a few days I was back on my feet and going for walks with my Mum and now just a few months later, I am back at work. I would say to anyone suffering the hell I went through, that Charles' programme showed me how I could be better again and gave me the inner strength I needed to return to normal."

Visit the The Linden Method website. You can review Dr Brennan's review of The Linden Method here.

Note: We cannot endorse this product. Our recommendation is based on client referrals, not personal opinion.